Documentary wedding photography for couples who don't want to pose

real Documentary wedding photography - for couples who want great pictures without the posing

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We didn’t have a moment’s worry as it was so obvious that Matt was going to produce something special for us
— Cathy and Nick

i hope my documentary wedding photography is for you?

I would love to make lots of beautiful pictures for you both on your wedding day. It’ll have its very own wonderful mix of people, places, atmosphere, emotions (and weather), that are perfect in their own way and will provide every opportunity for quality documentary photography - Most people still want some group pictures, and together we’ll make some lovely portraits, but I’m a documentary photographer and photojournalist, so I hope you’ll really want me to put together a long and lovely picture story of your day - If you’ll have me, I’d love to work for you..

Making pictures on such an important day is of course a real privilege and a responsibility, but it’s also so much fun, and always such a great photographic adventure.
— Matt Scott-Joynt


For Beautiful but affordable visual storytelling

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