My Approach

I'm a documentary wedding photographer which means the photographs I take will show your lovely day as it is, in all it's honest, charming and unscripted beauty. Your wedding will have it’s very own mix of people, places, atmosphere, emotions (and weather), that are perfect in their own way.

We didn’t have a moment’s worry as it was so obvious that you were going to produce something special for us
— Cathy and Nick

Apart from some relaxed portraits (twenty or so minutes) and group shots (if you want them) I won't disturb you and your guests by asking anyone to pose. I’ll just keep moving, looking and making your pictures, fitting in without getting in the way. Every wedding is so personal and unique, I’ll show your wedding as it happened and be there for as long as you want. More time means more opportunity to make your picture story from all the different light of the day.

I think good documentary photography can fit all couples. Whether one or both of you are a little apprehensive about being photographed, or you’re both are extraverts looking forward to being at the centre of a once in a lifetime party - my way of taking pictures allows you to relax. From years working as a photojournalist I'm good at using natural light to find and compose pictures, and at judging where I should be at any time so as to be close enough, but not part of the action, to be unobtrusive but also totally immersed within your celebration. In years to come your dress may be stored in a bag in the loft, but it's the pictures that will prompt your memories - that’s the pleasure for me of documentary wedding photography.

Candid documentary wedding photography - making pictures throughout your day, from preparation, until into the dancing, for £900.

Beautiful, but affordable, visual storytelling.

You might be expecting expert wedding photography to cost you a little more? Well, it really should do - but while I move from newspaper photography fully into just the world of weddings I try to offer a good price - so why not use what's left in your 'photo fund' on something nice?

I would be delighted to make pictures at your wedding, wherever you are marrying, and whether you are inviting 300 or 30 guests - each wedding is so wonderfully and completely different.......and I don't charge for travel.

If you'd like to learn more about what I offer or who I am, please have a look at my pricing, FAQs, or read a little about me.

If you'd like to know more please have a look around. I'd love to be contacted by you, to hear about what you've planned, the photography you need, to chat through any questions, or for you to check my availability.